Our last straight diesel boat!

And the boats keep coming! Whilst working on Maymorning, some of our team were also working hard on “Count for Nothing” our latest 58ft semi-trad narrowboat.  This meant we had another launch at Droitwich Spa Marina on 15th September.  The owners, Mike and Yvonne Bonici, were keen to get going on their travels back to their home mooring on the River Nene before any winter closures impeded their journey. 

Count for Nothing is actually the last ever straight diesel boat we will build, having been in our build schedule from before when we made the decision to concentrate on boats with some form of electric propulsion.  Count for Nothing is rather special as a diesel boat because it actually uses the Beta 43 engine from another one of our boats which we are currently converting to a serial hybrid boat – more of that later!

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