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Try before you buy – or opt for a green holiday!

If you are unsure whether all-electric propulsion will suit you and your cruising style, we are pleased to say that you can actually “try before you buy”, courtesy of a collaboration between ourselves and Cafwin Cruises, based at Droitwich Spa Marina.

“Ollie Owl” is a 58’6” semi-trad narrowboat with a serial electric hybrid propulsion system. Please visit Cafwin Cruises for more information:

Cafwin Cruises – Ollie Owl


Electric Propulsion Trials Event

David Johns (AKA Cruising the Cut) produced a great vlog about our trials event, held in May 2021.  If you missed this, here is a link:

Electric Narrowboats: the future for our canals?


HVO Fuels – Crown Oils

We are keen to promote the use of HVO fuel as a drop-in direct replacement to red diesel for use in our customers’ diesel engines and generators.  If you would like to know more about how you can cut your own carbon footprint drastically by converting to this eco-friendly fuel, please read more here:  

Crown HVO Fuel


Useful Customer Blogs

Some of our customers have been busy blogging about their boats and their travels.  If you are in the early stages of deciding what type of things you want on your boat, from what type of toilet to whether you really need a stove, there is some very useful advice contained in the following blogs:

NB Perseverance – Dave & Roma Jesse
NB Old Nick – Paul & Kay Sumpner



Buying a new narrowboat is a large capital outlay. Not everyone is lucky enough to be able to buy their boat out-right from savings.  If you need help with financing your new boat, it is wise to use a company specialising in this type of finance.  As a narrowboat is seen as a depreciating asset by finance companies, it is more like financing a car than a house.  Pegasus Marine Finance specialise in boat finance options – please note, we have no link or affiliation with Pegasus, we provide this link purely to assist our potential customers:

Pegasus Finance

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