Boat Data

The above LIVE data values show how much solar is currently being generated, how much electric power is being consumed and how much is being drawn from the Grid by the Ortomarine fleet.

The table below shows details of the solar yield generated yesterday by individual boats, plus their total yield since launch. Please see further notes below the table for more information.

Boat NameLaunchBoat TypeArrayYesterdaySolar Yield
Felicity28/11/2023Parallel Hybrid 112.40 kW (12 x 200W)6.12 kWh293.74 kWh
Hunky Dory04/08/2020Serial Hybrid 11.92 kW (12 x 160W)5.88 kWh4,266.72 kWh
Prof Pat Pending09/02/2022Serial Hybrid 42.40 kW (12 x 200W)5.85 kWh2,701.13 kWh
Zaniah25/11/2021Parallel Hybrid 91.92 kW (12 x 160W)5.53 kWh2,072.91 kWh
Coulomb Runnings09/02/2023Serial Hybrid Ext2.40 kW (12 x 200W)5.03 kWh1,606.00 kWh
Hargreaves II13/05/2021All-Electric Trip Boat 31.92 kW (12 x 160W)5.01 kWh3,225.91 kWh
Old Nick10/12/2020Serial Hybrid 21.92 kW (12 x 160W)4.91 kWh4,010.25 kWh
Skull & Cactus05/10/2023Serial Hybrid 102.40 kW (12 x 200W)4.77 kWh231.46 kWh
Jouliet02/08/2022Serial Hybrid 72.40 kW (12 x 200W)3.88 kWh2,036.82 kWh
Minerva10/05/2023Serial Hybrid 82.40 kW (12 x 200W)3.7 kWh865.81 kWh
Mordiford Dragon05/06/2020Parallel Hybrid 51.28 kW (8 x 160W)3.63 kWh2,549.94 kWh
Watt Knot24/08/2018Parallel Hybrid 21.28 kW (8 x 160W)3.47 kWh3,264.00 kWh
Electric Dragon19/07/2023Serial Hybrid 92.40 kW (12 x 200W)3.29 kWh466.51 kWh
Bersara01/10/2020Parallel Hybrid 71.28 kW (8 x 160W)2.8 kWh2,211.16 kWh
Sundance20/10/2022Parallel Hybrid 101.80 kW (12 x 150W)2.65 kWh1,217.60 kWh
Paintbrush20/02/2020Parallel Hybrid 61.28 kW (8 x 160W)2.56 kWh2,128.94 kWh
Bartimaeus04/07/2019Parallel Hybrid 31.28 kW (8 x 160W)2.46 kWh1,996.81 kWh
Adventure19/12/2019All-Electric Trip Boat 22.10 kW (6 x 350W)2.37 kWh4,731.91 kWh
Th1rt3en19/10/2018Diesel1.60 kW (8 x 200W)2.27 kWh1,267.23 kWh
Ollie Owl14/03/2022Serial Hybrid 51.28 kW (8 x 160W)2.07 kWh1,157.54 kWh
Pamela May 210/04/2019All-Electric Trip Boat 11.28 kW (8 x 160W)1.3 kWh1,714.97 kWh
Maymorning09/08/2021Parallel Hybrid 81.92 kW (12 x 160W)0.94 kWh1,433.64 kWh
Eau de Folles04/05/2022Serial Hybrid 61.28 kW (8 x 160W)0.71 kWh1,152.85 kWh
Master Riley11/04/2018Diesel0.57 kW (570W Total)0.49 kWh549.51 kWh
Sloop John T22/05/2018Diesel0.25 kW (1 x 250W)0.41 kWh739.93 kWh
Count For Nothing15/09/2021Diesel0.96 kW (6 x 160W)0.35 kWh751.38 kWh
Mokoro20/07/2018Diesel0.25 kW (1 x 250W)0.28 kWh574.63 kWh
Here We Go Again16/09/2016Diesel0.48 kW (3 x 160W)0.16 kWh585.53 kWh
Perseverance13/05/2021Serial Hybrid 31.28 kW (8 x 160W)0.01 kWh857.82 kWh
Happy Wanderer02/05/2019Diesel0.64 kW (4 x 160W)N/A566.56 kWh
Stray Not Far08/11/2017Parallel Hybrid 10.64 kW (4 x 160W)N/A965.38 kWh
Stannator14/10/2019Parallel Hybrid 41.28 kW (8 x 160W)0 kWh1,638.10 kWh
Unexpected07/03/2023Serial Hybrid 112.00 kW (10 x 200W)N/A68.78 kWh
Bears Afloat-Serial Hybrid 122.80 kW (14 x 200W)0 kWh0.00 kWh
Oyster Moon24/03/2020Diesel1.60 kW (10 x 160W)N/A803.00 kWh
Total82.9 kWh54.70 MWh


You can sort the columns by clicking on the column header, for example, to see which boat generated the most solar yesterday.

If “N/A” is shown in the daily total column, the boat was off-line at the time the daily data was snapped.

For Stray Not Far the daily total is not being updated as the boat is permanently off-line.

For Oyster Moon, this boat has now been relaunched as Ollie Owl, so the cumulative figure for Oyster Moon is shown, then the new daily totals are shown under Ollie Owl.

In case you are wondering why some boats with fewer solar panels manage to generate more solar energy on some days than boats with more panels, here are some tips we give to our customers to maximise their solar yield:

1) If the boat batteries are at 100%, there is nowhere to store the solar energy, so unplugging from shore power will boost generation.

2) The more power used on a sunny day, the more space will be created in the battery bank for the solar to recharge. If you are on the boat and your batteries are at 100%, turn on something electric, eg the immersion element, to give the solar something to do (and give you free hot water).

3) Keeping panels cool (by splashing them/washing them with cold water) will increase the yield, and will also extend their life.

4) Pretty obvious, but mooring under trees or even in partial shade will dramatically affect yield.

5) Ensure that the panels are not covered by anything (eg ropes or poles/plank) as partial shading will reduce efficiency.

6) Keep the panels clean!

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