Technological Innovation

From 2021, Ortomarine will only be accepting commissions for narrowboats that feature some form of electric propulsion. We have extensive experience of building each of the three types of electric propulsion systems, shown above.

“Going Green” is the future but it is also achievable now and many of our existing customers are already benefiting from quieter, cleaner and cheaper boating.

We can offer a number of systems from different electric engine manufacturers, backed up with real-life performance data, which we collect from all of our boats.

The electric engine is just one part of the system and we will ensure that your solar panels, batteries and energy management system are all matched and fully integrated to get optimum performance from your electric propulsion system.

At the heart of all of our boats, is Ortomate a sophisticated control and monitoring system that we have developed in-house to allow our customers to display, manage and control the data and functions of all the systems on board our boats. Be it the engine, heating, tank levels, lighting or any of the other boat functions, Ortomate provides a simple and effective method to control the boat when on board or ashore.

We were very proud when the technology that we put in to all of our boats was acknowledged by The Foxes Afloat who were asked “What’s the best feature you’ve seen on all the narrow boats you’ve looked at?”  Watch the video for their response.

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