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Robust hulls hand-built by Tyler Wilson, combined with carefully selected paint styles, make for a distinguished look on the waters. We want you to sail proudly with your narrowboat as attractive outside as in, prompting admiring glances.

We fit out a variety of hulls and layouts so you can choose a boat to suit your specific needs.  This might be a large 62ft+ narrowboat fully equipped to live aboard or a mid-range 50-58ft boat for enjoying holidays with friends and family out on the beautiful English waterways.

Quality is Key

We balance affordability and quality, offering a wide range of materials for the internal fit-out.  We can advise on the practicalities and cost implications of different materials to ensure that your boat is built to your own budget, with a high quality look and feel, giving you years of reliability, comfort and style.

Innovative Style

We offer modern and durable fittings, along with sleek kitchen and bathroom appliances and will go above and beyond to provide a high standard of amenities for contemporary living.

Our bespoke service allows you to approach ordering your perfect boat much like you would buying a new-build home. Our friendly team are happy to discuss your options at every stage of the design.

Boat Security & Technology

Our boats benefit from the modern conveniences which we expect in our homes, combined discreetly with the traditions and tranquility of narrowboating.  Through our parent company, Ortomader Ltd, we have access to the latest developments in automation and remote wi-fi for boat monitoring. 

Security is often a worry for boats which are left unattended.  We have developed a boat monitoring solution which can alert you by email or text if there is any unexpected movement of the boat.  You can choose to have a camera on the boat for remote viewing via an app on your phone.

You can also remotely monitor battery, fuel, water and waste tank levels.  An alarm will be sent to you if the fuel level in the tank decreases at a high rate – ie if it is likely that your fuel is being siphoned.  You can check the battery level remotely to ensure that the solar panel is keeping them at a healthy charge level, for instance.

The system also allows you to remotely turn on or off your central heating, lighting or fridge – just in case you want the boat to be warm and the beers chilled for your arrival!

By incorporating all the wiring for the system at the build stage the costs of the system are kept down.  All of our boats incorporate this wiring, even if the customer decides at the time they buy the boat that they do not want the monitoring system – meaning that it is easy to fit the system at a later date if required.

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