Watt Knot 3rd in show at Crick 2019

We are delighted to announce that our diesel-electric hybrid Watt Knot has won 3rd in show at the UK biggest narrowboat show. Watt Knot was built last summer for Jonathan and Karen Warren, an Australian couple who have been continuous cruisers on Watt Knot since last September.

Thank you so much to Jonathan and Karen for allowing us to show Watt Knot at Crick and for putting in so much effort as Ortomarine ‘ambassadors’. Watt Knot’s diesel-electric hybrid installation and her modern and sleek design attracted lots of positive attention.

Thank you also to the whole Ortomarine team for all their efforts in getting everything show-ready and for their enthusiasm in talking to our visitors. 2019 is our most successful Crick to date both in terms of Watt Knot’s award and in signing up several new customers who will be joining the Ortomarine family in due course.

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