Count for Nothing – 57ft Semi-trad Diesel Narrowboat

We attended Crick in 2019 specifically to find a builder for our new narrowboat. Previously to the show we had been to a number of builders, a couple who we subsequently visited whilst in attendance.

We had a booked an appointment with Ortomarine and met Caroline on their pitch, we then went on board “Watt Knot” for a viewing and spoke to Rob, who took us through the boat giving us various explanations of the build. Caroline, Rob and a staff member were very enthusiastic and welcoming, something that was not evident when we visited what became to be one of our initial choices.

Rob assisted in the arrangement of a private viewing of “Sloop John T” with their owners, who were helpful and praiseworthy in their dealings with Ortomarine. We were very impressed with SJT and the great initial experience that we received from Ortomarine, we then decided to reserve a build slot.

Further to visiting Rob and Caroline at their work premises to the actual build and hand over, the whole experience of working with the company has been a dream. Nothing was too much trouble, they talked us through everything, advising and suggesting, aware that we were on a budget, the rising cost of items and availability of resources, were trying, but they waded through and helped keep the build to a reasonable cost. Count for Nothing is a great boat, everything that we could hope for, she turns heads wherever we go. I would endorse the Ortomarine management and staff to the nth degree and more.

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