Another trip boat in the pipeline

10th January, 2021

Our second Alexander Boats hull was delivered to us 6th January 2021.  At 64ft, it’s the longest boat that we can fit in our workshop! It will be an all-electric, day trip narrowboat for the Hargreaves Narrowboat Trust (HNT).  It will be powered by a Lynch 48V “Swordfish 16” Double Marine Drive System (as previously used on the widebeam trip boat “Adventure”).  

It will also have the same battery bank – 24 x Leoch LRC2-1000.  There will be  12 x 160W solar panels, maximum working voltage of 80.8V, total Watts of 1920W, 23.7A. It will have electric central and water heating.  There will be an Electro-hydraulic scissor lift for wheelchair access at the stern deck.  The bow deck will have an extended roof.  Hargreaves II is scheduled for completion in March 2021.

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