Going Green With Ortomarine Press Release

Location: Droitwich, United Kingdom

Date: 12th March 2021

Ortomarine are pleased to announce that they have reached an important milestone in their company history. In keeping with their personal and company environmental ethos, they have decided that henceforth, only orders for boats equipped with some form of electric propulsion, will be accepted.

This pioneering decision is fully in line with the Government’s Green Maritime Plan, which states that by 2025 it is expected that all new vessels being ordered for use in UK waters (including the Inland Waterways) will be designed with zero emissions propulsion capability. In addition, they will encourage their customers, to go gas and solid fuel free, to create the most eco-friendly narrowboats that current technology allows.

Ortomarine’s goal is to build environmentally friendly boats that both significantly reduce the vessel’s “carbon foot print” and create a quieter, cleaner and more natural boating experience. They appreciate that “Going Green” currently incurs a higher cost, potentially deterring some customers, but they are confident that as demand for electric propulsion increases, more solutions will be developed and prices will become keener.

As part of their commitment to this initiative, they are actively working with a number of leading manufacturers of electric motors, generators and batteries, so they can offer their customers the best available options, both now and in the future.

Ortomarine have designed and built over 30 boats, including serial hybrid, parallel hybrid and all electric craft. This gives them unrivalled expertise in electrical propulsion, and has provided a growing database of power output, usage and efficiency statistics.

All Ortomarine boats feature “Ortomate” – their innovative and powerful boat monitoring system. Electric propulsion systems consist of many elements, often from different manufacturers, but “Ortomate” standardises and simplifies the monitoring and control of these complex systems. With remote access and dynamic logging to the cloud, “Ortomate” provides an invaluable insight into the performance of their boats by monitoring engine status, power consumption, solar yield, battery condition and much more.

For further details, please contact Ortomarine.
E-Mail: info@ortomarine.co.uk
Telephone: 01299 489424

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