Eau De Folles

“Eau de Folles” is a 45ft serial electric hybrid narrowboat, built on a beautiful Alexander Boats shell, with a Bell Marine Drivemaster 20W EVO Motor (15kW with 20kW boost). There is a Sole Genset 7 GSC Canopied Generator (positioned under the bow deck) and 8 x 160W flexible solar panels mounted on the roof to charge the 672Ah @ 48V battery bank (consisting of 12 x AES Gel Nano Carbon 12V 224Ah Batteries). As far as we, and the supplier (DC Battery Technologies LTD) know, this is the first narrowboat installation using this type of battery. See below for more details about the battery technology.

At just 45ft in length, EDF is the shortest boat we have built to date – Neil & Linda particularly wanted a shorter boat so that it is easy to wind, to manoeuvre, to moor in small spaces, and cheaper to keep on the water. Despite the short length, once aboard, the internal space feels light, airy and spacious. There is a good sized galley with mains powered appliances – Induction Hob, full sized electric oven, fridge/freezer, etc. The living area has an L shaped dinette, which some people can find uncomfortable if it is the only form of relaxed seating. To combat this, we use memory foam on the seat cushions and we angle the seat backs, this combined with some soft scatter cushions makes the area very comfortable to sit and relax while streaming the latest box set on the smart TV. There is a walk-through bathroom with Compoost Deluxe toilet, and a bedroom at the bow with 2 x single beds.

Just in case you were wondering, the name “Eau de Folles” comes from the owner’s favourite restaurant in Toulouse where they dined on their first canal holiday together in 1998 along the Canal du Midi.

Battery Info – from the manufacturer C&D Technologies

AES AGM batteries with C&D Nano-Carbon™ technology offer a longer service life in demanding deep-cycle applications. They are designed to meet the demanding needs of grid-tied and off-grid energy applications requiring back-up power. These versatile maintenance-free batteries can be used in upright, side or end mounted orientations – no watering required.

Traditional lead calcium batteries suffer pre-mature failure in cycling applications due to deterioration of the active material on the plates. C&D’s Nano-Carbon technology is the solution. By enhancing the negative active material with C&D Nano-Carbon™ technology, the AES series is able to provide a long service life in cycling applications.

The key to the long service life of the AES batteries is the robust proprietary technologies. C&D Nano-Carbon™ technology formulation enhances life by improving charging efficiency while supporting cyclic PSoC operation. C&D’s DCS technology features advanced plate technology for recharge efficiency and rugged cases are proven in real world environments. Quality manufacturing processes along with 100+ years of battery design helps provide AES batteries which will last for years in your application.

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