Professor Pat Pending

Our previous boat “Zaniah” was a traditional looking boat, but “Professor Pat Pending” takes the traditional look to the next level!  As with Zaniah, all the paintwork design and colour choices are completely down to Helen and Russel Green who are the proud new owners.  Helen is very artistic and is even planning to hand paint some traditional roses and castle pictures on the rear cabin doors.  This 58ft Serial Hybrid narrowboat is propelled by the largest Bell Marine motor we have fitted to date (15kW with 20kW boost) – Helen and Russel plan to attempt the Ribble Link at some point in the future, watch this space for how they get on! The 24 x 2V 800Ah Lead Carbon battery bank is charged by a Sole Genset 7 GSC Canopied Generator, in addition to the 12 x 160W flexible solar panels mounted on the roof, or shore power when available.  Helen and Russel will be living aboard full-time with their dog Precious, so the interior is modern and fully equipped for life aboard. There are 2 x side hatches with internal glazed doors; our multi-function Duplex Dinette; a corner bubble solid fuel stove; a walk through bathroom with additional sliding door to enable the WC to be used whilst still allowing access through the boat; and a fixed 4’6” in line double bed with gas-strut lifting base.

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