Ortomarine’s Electric Narrowboat Performance Trials Event

We are pleased to announce that we will be holding the world’s first Electric Propulsion Performance Trials Event for narrowboats.  A flotilla of some of our Parallel and Serial Hybrid boats plus conventional diesel powered boats will all set off from Worcester on Saturday 29th May – destination Droitwich Spa Marina.

Each of the boats we have built has slightly different configurations and equipment on board and we have always wanted to do a comparative test, looking at how each boat performs in a typical 8hr cruising day. Each of the vessels taking part in the trials will follow the same route, on the same day and in identical conditions to provide the most objective comparison of the different designs. The electric boats will be compared in terms of handling, speed, acceleration/braking and consumption, the diesel boats will be used as a benchmark. 

We will also be carrying out a trial of HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil) diesel, which is a very much greener alternative to traditional diesel.  Two of the diesel powered boats will do a “head to head” comparison, one using conventional red diesel and the other using the latest HVO diesel supplied by Crown Oil.

We  will  publish the results of both the electric and HVO trials, as soon as possible after the event and hope it will provide further evidence that greener solutions can provide the performance that boaters require and are available now.

The full Press release can be found here.

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