Diesel-Electric Hybrid – Day-to-Day boating

Advantages of a hybrid drive

  1. silent cruising – you can hear nature, & carry on a conversation
  2. no diesel fumes in locks & tunnels. Diesel particulates are carcinogenic so best avoided
  3. better manoeuvring – the electric motor can turn much slower than the diesel allowing fine control of speed
  4. no need to run the diesel while moored, or use a generator – the battery pack can last for days
  5. no need for gas so the bow locker can be repurposed
  6. less hours put on the diesel, especially at idle, so less frequent maintenance
  7. two modes of propulsion – if one develops a fault you can continue on the other
  8. 230v appliances can be used meaning a much wider choice
  9. running out of diesel isn’t a complete disaster – you can get to a bowser on electric
  10. potentially free running – if you collect enough solar energy you can cruise for free

List compiled by Jonathan – owner of diesel-electric hybrid Watt Knot

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