Count For Nothing

Count for Nothing is a 58ft Semi-trad narrowboat, built on a Tim Tyler shell, with a Beta 43 Greenline diesel engine. It is notable for us because it is the last straight diesel engine boat we will build – the engine used is 18 months old and was taken out of another of our boats which we are converting to a serial electric hybrid drive system.  The owners of CFN are keen to run the engine on HVO fuel (which is approved for use in Beta engines) to reduce their carbon footprint, once supplies are more readily available. This is another one of our boats fitted with our multi-function Duplex Dinette and a Compoost Toilet.  There are 6 x 160W flexible solar panels fitted to the roof, plus there are 4 x 210 Ah Lead Carbon batteries configured to give a domestic supply of 420Ah @ 24V.

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